Abby & Christopher

It all started with a young man named Christopher and a charming 16-year-old young woman named Abby. Abby and Christopher have been best friends for years and Christopher’s parents bought him an adaptive mobility bike that he would let Abby ride every day after school. Abby fell in love with being able to ride a bike and her father decided to send in Abby’s application for the Freedom Kids program in hopes of getting Abby her own bike. Abby has Fraser’s syndrome and is also blind. Fraser syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by partial webbing of the fingers, kidney abnormalities and in some cases fusion of the eyelids.


Abby has general weakness and low endurance but the bike has helped her make significant improvements. Her doctor recommended that she ride a mobility bike daily for exercise and endurance to help improve her balance, coordination and strength. Abby and her father were so grateful to receive the bike. Her and Christopher now ride their bikes together after school. Getting this bike has improved Abby’s self-confidence and she now feels like she is a part of her community.

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