A Very Positive 2016

In May, Variety of Florida presented a Freedom Concepts Adaptive Therapy Bike to the Deerwood Elementary School, an Orange County School for special needs children, at the grand opening of EPIC Theatres at Lee Vista. These funds were raised by the sale of Variety Gold Heart Pins in the Epic Theatre lobbies by Variety Volunteers.

Also, in May, Variety donated $3,000 to the Guadalupe Center in Immokalee, Florida for use in their early intervention education programs the center provides for migrant worker’s grade school children.

In June, Variety of Florida was provided a free vendors booth at the Orlando Mega Con Convention which resulted in thousands of dollars in Gold Heart Pins being sold by our Volunteers.

In August, Variety donated $25,000 from funds raised at The Dunhill Companies Benefit Wine Tasting to the Howard Philips Center for Children & Families, a division of the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. These funds were used to purchase medical equipment used in their Pediatric Developmental Center to analyze hearing impaired babies and toddlers and provide hearing aids for them throughout the entire Orlando area.

In September, Variety of Florida presented a Freedom Concepts Adaptive Therapy Bike to the Paley Institute located in The Palm Beach Children’s Hospital. The Paley Institute surgically lengthens children’s limbs. This presentation was held in the lobby of the Frank Theatre in Delray Beach, Florida. These funds were raised from the sale of Gold Hearts and were received from the US Variety Program as well as from our own sales. A Movie Trailer of the Therapy Bike presentation was created for Frank Theatres by Variety of Florida and has been shown in all their theaters throughout the Eastern USA.


In October, Variety hosted a fun-filled day for homeless and underprivileged children at Lake Fairview Park in Orlando, complete with face painting, games, lunch, and boat rides.

In November, Variety hosted approximately 160 underprivileged children to an Orlando Magic NBA game, including giving each child a Variety shirt.

In December, Variety presented Wolfson Children’s Hospital Pediatric Therapy Department in Jacksonville, Florida a Freedom Concepts Adaptive Therapy Bike. These funds were provided by “Roxy the Rancor” from Star Wars at the Mega Con in Orlando.

From Southwest Ft. Myers to Northeast Jacksonville and Southeast Palm Beach to our home in Orlando, Variety of Florida helped spread sunshine to special needs and underprivileged children throughout the entire Sunshine State.

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