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On May 3 2014, Devin Lockett was leaving a school dance and was shot twice in the chest, the bullets severing his aorta. That day he awoke from his first of 15 surgeries with his left leg amputated and right leg surgically altered to be told his remaining leg had become “unable to ever be weight bearing but would be left for appearance sake” and that “physical activity was highly improbable.” We all soon learned the fastest way to get Devin to do something is by telling him he can’t!

Devin spent a year in physical therapy at RIC where he was introduced to adaptive sports. Wheelchair basketball did not come easily to Devin, but the encouragement of his coaches reignited Devin’s competitive spirit he had prior to becoming a victim of gun violence. Devin played in his first wheelchair basketball tournament in December of 2014, took home the MVP award & met the head coach of the US wheelchair basketball team. Since then, Devin was chosen to be part of a 29U wheelchair basketball team that would represent the USA at the Kitakyushu Cup in Japan in November of 2015, an experience that has inspired him to work toward earning a spot on the 2020 Team USA Paralympic basketball team.

The Variety of Illinois Kids on the Go program provided a competitive level, custom sports chair so that Devin, now a freshman at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater is fully equipped to pursue this dream.

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