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Born with a rare disease called CHARGE Syndrome, Lila is deaf in both ears, has little balance, low muscle tone and is vision impaired. In the first six months of her life she underwent open-heart surgery and had 186 medical appointments.

Now two, her parents wanted to try and help her start to walk so she started going to physio. At each session, when she was placed on her feet, she would cry in pain. Looking for other solutions her parents Natalie and Daniel heard about a new program using Occupational Therapy and thought it sounded perfect for Lila. Having used up all their government funding available for Lila they turned to Variety – the Children’s Charity for help.


Variety was able to grant the funds needed to cover the therapy and within just two months of Lila starting she blew away all expectations. She is now up on her feet and walking with the assistance of holding her parents’ hands.

“Now it is one of her favourite things to do and all we hear is, “Lila walk, Lila walk” she loves to walk everywhere and is getting a lot stronger,” Natalie said.

“One hundred per cent the reason my daughter is doing so well is because of Variety.”

“Some people don’t realise there is very little funding available for a child with special needs, without Variety supporters she wouldn’t be making the leaps and bounds that she is and we are forever grateful. All I can say is thank you.”

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