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To help meet the needs of disadvantaged, disabled or sick children, Variety Québec gifted a portion of the funds raised in the past year to the François-Michelle Center, a local Montréal school specializing in the academic, social and professional integration of students who suffer from mild intellectual disabilities, physiological or neurological impairments, and/or other disabilities. By supporting this school, Variety Québec was able to impact the lives of several students, including Alexandra, an amiable and athletic fourteen-year-old girl, through the Future program.

Outside of the classroom, Alexandra participated and excelled in many sports; however, in school she was unable to keep up with her teachers and classmates due to a mild intellectual disability that inhibits her ability to learn at the same pace as her peers. This left Alexandra feeling discouraged because she particularly wished she could learn to read and write. When Alexandra transferred to the François-Michelle Center, her wish came true. The dynamic curriculum and specialized teaching staff helped Alexandra’s learning capacity exponentially. Her progress became especially evident in the past year as Alexandra began to read and write. In December, Variety Québec held a “Casablanca” themed fundraiser gala. The guest speaker and young ambassador of the evening was Alexandra, who touchingly spoke in front of hundreds of guests! Alexandra admitted to being a little nervous at first; however, she claims that being able to read under the spotlight in front of so many people gave her a huge sense of confidence that she still feels today. Alexandra’s incredible progress has equally impacted her family, especially her dad, Mario, who recounted how, last year, he was overwhelmed with emotion when he unexpectedly received a written message via text from Alexandra for the very first time.


By helping the François-Michelle Center provide crucial life-enriching education, communication equipment and services through financial contribution, Variety Québec helps children like Alexandra reach their full potential.

The Center welcomes and educates young people from 4 to 21 years working to register slight intellectual disability and whose potential is slowed by a physiological or neurological impairment, a problem of language, perception or motor control.

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