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Cameron is a happy and affectionate two-year-old boy with an endearing nature who lives with autism, speech impairment and global developmental delays. He enjoys playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine, lining up his alphabet blocks in order, counting and is always singing his favourite songs, despite being unable to communicate his needs verbally.


Cameron shares a very close bond with his twin brother, Aydan, who has a very outgoing and energetic personality yet also lives with developmental delays and a congenital defect. The boys’ older siblings, Jessica and Jordan, have had to change their lifestyles to accommodate their younger brothers’ health needs and spend a great deal of their own personal time assisting with and supporting their brothers.

The family’s lifeline was a small unreliable 2-door coupe, which ensured the family could get to their many medical and specialist appointments every week. Just after Christmas, they lost their car in a flood along with 75% of their home contents. Not only did it limit their ability to attend their appointments and undertake daily tasks, they lost their freedom from the isolation that “living with a disability” can bring.


Variety helped with a safe, reliable vehicle, which enables the whole family to travel together – something they couldn’t do before – and means that Cameron can grow up with the full benefits of his early intervention programs.

“Losing our car impacted our family greatly,” said mum, Natalie. “Variety has not just made a difference, Variety has changed our lives and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

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