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Due to pregnancy complications Spike was born at 28 weeks weighing only 2.3 pounds which resulted in a diagnosis of quadriplegia cerebral palsy.

Spike normally got around by crawling commando or strapped into a terribly uncomfortable piece of equipment. Spike got his first taste of “freedom” and mobility at school when we was four years old. He was introduced to an adaptive bike. He was so happy riding the bike his parents knew they had to get him one of his own. Unfortunately, they quickly realized how unaffordable adaptive bikes are. That’s when they reached out to Variety DC.

Our new Tent in the DC region was thrilled to be able to help. We were also fortunate enough to spend a whole day with Spike. Our day with Spike tells the story of how “life-changing” adaptive bikes are. First off they fundamentally impact cognitive, social and motor skills. Also, they enable kids like Spike to join in an activity that most children take for granted. Riding a bike- an indispensable part of childhood.

On a walk around the neighborhood with Spike, we got to see first hand how much the bike has helped him. It has brought both physical and social changes that are significant. Spike is now able to pedal on his own for a big part of the journey. He needs a little push uphill but soon he will be strong enough to do some inclines as well. His bike is helping his legs and core get stronger every day. He is even able to sit up better now.

Beyond the physical benefits, Spike now has a whole new world to explore on his bike. We witnessed this when we accompanied him on his bike ride. Spike — previously non-verbal– talked non-stop about the birds chirping, the planes flying overhead, the flowers growing and cars driving past. Neighbors were waving and calling out to Spike as he rode along smiling and laughing the whole time. Spike’s parents and doctors view the bike as important therapy. Spike views the bike as fun…just like all other kids! According to Spike’s parents, the bike is the first thing he looks for when he gets home from school. They have to hide it on rainy days because he gets so upset when he can’t ride.

Variety D.C. is delighted to provide kids in the D.C. Metropolitan area with such “life changing” equipment!

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