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Addison is a beautiful six year old girl, who is currently attending Pre-Primary. She loves the company of others, going for long walks, going to the park, playing with her two sisters and watching her favourite television shows.

Addison was diagnosed with severe form rapid progression Retts Syndrome just after her 2nd birthday. “One of the most devastating things is that her mind is absolutely perfect and she’s trapped in a body that doesn’t do what she wants it to do” Narelle Read (Addison’s mother).

Variety granted Addison an iPad with Switch software, which she uses at home, school, in therapy and the community. Addison loves communicating with her sisters and friends at school “her face just lights up when she is telling news to all her friends and it’s really a way of other children in her class realising she is just like them” Narelle Read.


Addison and her family also attended the Variety Motor Mouth Camp in 2015 – a four-day camp that combines fun, intensive therapy and training for children, parents, siblings and carers. The program opened up a whole new world of communication for Addison and her family. The Read’s are now part of the wider Variety Motor Mouth family. They attend events throughout the year, which have not only provided continued therapy but have enabled the Reads’ to connect with other families facing similar challenges. In 2017 Addison’s mother, Narelle has elected to join the Variety Motor Mouth Committee.

In 2016, Variety granted the Read’s car modifications so Addison could be safely transported with her family. Now Addison is appropriately positioned in the car and can sit next to both her sisters! The car modification reduces the risk of scoliosis and further respiratory complications and allows her to attend social events and access medical appointments with relative ease. “We went of a family trip and took our van for the first time and it just make such a big difference. We were all in the car together and Addison just adores being in the back having fun with her sisters, just like an other 6 year old” Narelle Read.

“Variety has enabled our daughter to participate and do things that any other six year old girl wants to do, despite being trapped in a body that fails her, and that is the greatest gift of all” Narelle Read.

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