Variety & CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility at Work

Your organization’s CSR program can partner with Variety – the Children’s Charity in many different ways:

  • Donate goods and services in kind

    Money is critical to delivering sustainable, impactful outcomes for children, but goods and services donated in kind also save money, allowing additional funds to go directly to children.

  • Provide volunteers

    Volunteers are a vital part of Variety’s team. Some volunteers deliver services and expertise to the Variety office, while others assist in taking children on outings and experiences, help promote and deliver fundraising events or do direct fundraising for children.

  • Sponsor events and programs

    Sponsoring an event or program is a high-quality marketing tool for business partners, delivering exposure and credibility while ensuring that money raised during the event goes directly to assist children or the programs that support them.

  • Facilitate workplace payroll giving

    Workplace giving can be a tax-effective, easy way to donate. Employees seldom miss a relatively small amount deducted in each pay period and some jurisdictions provide the benefit of a tax deduction for the charitable contribution. For Variety, it provides even and predictable cash flow.

  • Staff and customer fundraising events

    Variety’s partners can build staff morale and engagement by hosting internal fundraising events like “Casual Fridays” or a group lunch event to raise donations for a specific child’s or group of children’s needs. Impress and involve customers by donating a small percentage of their sales for a month each year.


  • Increase exposure

  • Build credibility and visible leadership

  • Enhance brand awareness

  • Increase staff satisfaction and alignment with your mission

  • Fulfil shareholder expectations about corporate social responsibility

  • Take satisfaction in making a tangible difference in your community

Variety – the Children’s Charity plans and implements partnership programs that achieve the goals and objectives of our corporate partners and the children whose lives are positively impacted by the partnership.

Variety takes an integrated approach to developing mutually beneficial and successful partnerships that provide benefits for both organizations and brands. We provide our partners with a clear, relevant marketing direction and ongoing review, support and implementation.

Whether a local area, national or international campaign, Variety delivers extensive partnership resources resulting in consistent, compelling and effective campaigns. Research shows that companies that support an important cause – like children through Variety – enjoy higher staff and customer retention and respect:

84% of people believe that business has a responsibly to bring about societal change (2016 Global Strategies Group)
80% of global consumers agree that business must play a role in societal issues (2016 Edelman Trust Barometer)

Differing Needs – Differing Solutions:

Variety is a global charity. Like its potential local, national and global partners, Variety operates in a range of jurisdictions, many with differing needs, aspirations and challenges. We tailor programs to meet the specific needs of your organization


Variety and its partner companies are the solution to the needs of vulnerable children living with a disability, serious illness or disadvantage. Variety is the vehicle for its partner companies to create and deliver maximum impact, positively changing a child, or many children’s, lives today and for life.

Brand Awareness:

By partnering with Variety, your company or organization will be associated with one of the World’s most respected and well known children’s charities and you’ll provide Variety with more opportunities and exposure to raise funds to meet an ever growing need for children and their families.

Variety has a far reaching presence and awareness in local communities, across countries and internationally. Our partnerships can be focused at a grassroots level through inspiring events and volunteering opportunities, facilitated through our 44 regional and local [chapters]. Depending on your organization’s size and geographic scope, we also provide national and international programs and partnerships.

So, Here Are The Takeaways

Partnering with variety . . .

  • Improves your Public Image

    • Companies that demonstrate their commitment to various causes are perceived as more philanthropic than companies whose corporate social responsibility endeavours are non-existent. Boost your public image and broadcast it to the World!

    • Consumers feel good shopping at institutions that help the community. Letting the general public know about your support of children through your partnership with Variety, enhances your reputation with consumers and in your local communities.

    • Companies can improve their public image by supporting Variety through providing goods and in-kind services, monetary donations, volunteerism, sponsoring events and programs, workplace giving, staff and customer fundraising events and strong partnerships.

**Takeaway: Positive social responsibility improves a company’s public image and relationship with consumers**

  • Increases Your Media Coverage

    • It doesn’t matter how much your company is doing to help children if nobody knows about it. Make sure you’re forming relationships with local media outlets so they’ll be more likely to cover the stories you offer them

    • A partnership with one of the World’s oldest and most high profile children’s charities, with a strong focus on impact through real life stories, is more likely to attract quality media attention. Use the Variety brand to help build yours

**Takeaway: Having a strong CSR program can increase news coverage of your company **

  • Boosts Employee Engagement

    • Companies that demonstrate their dedication to improving their communities through corporate giving programs (like matching gifts and volunteer grants), are more likely to attract and retain valuable, hardworking, and engaged employees

    • Many prospective employees are attracted to employers that are philanthropically minded. Once hired, employees who are engaged will stay with a company longer, be more productive on a daily basis, and be more creative than disengaged workers

**Takeaway: Corporate social responsibility helps attract and retain engaged and productive employees**

  • Attracts and Retains Investors for Larger Companies

    • Investors large and small want to know that their funds are building shareholder value and that the organization is operating responsibly with sound business planning, organizational effectiveness, and transparency in reporting. Investors are increasingly demanding a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, and realize that return on their investment includes CSR and other intangibles.

    • Investors are more likely to be attracted to and continue to support companies that demonstrate a commitment not only to employees and customers, but also to causes and organizations that impact the lives of others.

**Takeaway: Investors care about corporate social responsibility and so should every company**