Our Commitment To Governance

Variety – A Global Leader In Not-For-Profit Governance

Whether you are as small business owner or a Fortune 500 company, your partnership will help us achieve our goal – to help many more children gain independence, self-esteem, mobility, communication, well-being and a future without limits.

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    Our Commitment to You, Our Donors and Prospective Donors

At Variety, we firmly believe that if you are prepared to commit your valuable resources to assist disadvantaged children, then we owe it to you – whether you be a corporate, a foundation, a collective or an individual – to ensure that we operate within a leading-edge, world-class, not-for-profit governance regime, which is clearly defined and adheres to a standard that is demanded of corporations listed on the major international stock exchanges.

Our governance regime values strong accountability, transparency, the highest ethical standards, maximum impact and timely reporting. We are committed to sound principles of not-for-profit governance and aim to comply with the guidelines for charitable organizations in every jurisdiction within which we operate.

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    Variety - a World-Class Governance Regime

At Variety, we commit to:

  1. A strong, solid foundation for management and oversight of Variety

    - consisting of a clear statement of the respective roles and responsibilities of the Board and management, together with periodic monitoring and evaluation of their respective performance

  2. A Board that is structured to add value, set a strategic direction and drive accountability

    - of appropriate size, composition, skills and commitment to enable it to discharge its duties effectively

  3. A strong ethical and responsibility regime

    - built around a commitment to promoting the highest standard of professional ethics and values that match the standards of conduct expected and maintained by leading, recognised professional organizations worldwide

  4. Safeguarding the integrity of our reporting

    - by having in place formal and rigorous processes that independently verify and safeguard the integrity and validity of our reporting

  5. Appropriately managing our risks

    - by ensuring a sound risk management framework and periodically reviewing the effectiveness of that framework

  6. Continuous improvement

    - in every aspect of our planning and operations we commit to ensure that we can deliver the most efficient and effective support to the kids we support with maximum impact

  7. A strong, close partnership relationship

    - in which we will do all in our power to ensure that Variety’s relationship with you or your organization is a true partnership, delivers maximum impact for the kids we serve, and is closely aligned with your vision and goals

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    Our Commitment to You, Our Donors and Prospective Donors

Variety will:

  1. treat all of our partners and donors with respect, honesty and openness

  2. at all times conduct itself in a professional manner

  3. advise donors of the cause for which they are donating, including whether we are raising funds for another charity

  4. provide donors with appropriate acknowledgement and recognition

  5. ensure that your donation will be treated with confidentiality as required by law

  6. advise you whether those seeking donations are employees, volunteers or third party agencies

  7. provide you with easy access to our procedures for making and responding to complaints

  8. undertake to remove names from mailing lists as requested

  9. advise you in advance if we intend to share our mailing list with third parties

  10. provide you with prompt and forthright answers to questions you might have about Variety and its operations

Ownership Of Our Governance

The Variety International Board of Directors is accountable for Variety’s Governance regime. Every Director is personally committed to a leading-edge, world-class, not-for-profit governance regime.

Oversight Of Our Governance Regime

Wendy Shiba is our pro bono Corporate Secretary and assists the Board and staff in oversight of our Governance regime. Wendy is an experienced corporate secretary and general counsel of public companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has served on the boards of numerous not-for-profit organizations, and is a recognized expert in the field of not-for-profit governance. She is also a former Associate Professor of Law at Temple University School of Law in the U.S., where she taught courses in corporate law. Wendy’s bio is listed in the Board profile section of this site.