International Children’s fund

East Timor
Partners with the Ryder-Cheshire Australia Organization,
Supporting Klibur Domin Community

Amount Received
$7,500.00 (AUD)

Fund Utilization
All funds were remitted to Ryder-Cheshire Australia (RCA) and thence to Klibur Domin, the Ryder-Cheshire home in East Timor. The Variety International Children’s funds were used as part of Klibur Domin’s total operating cost funds of approximately $150,000 (USD), the majority of which was supplied by RCA.

Example of a child who was helped by the fund
The child selected is one of hundreds of children who have been supported by Klibur Domin utilizing Ryder-Cheshire funding including the $7500 received from Variety International.

The details and photos of this child, Marcus are included in this article, and he has benefitted significantly through the Variety International support of Klibur Domin, the Ryder-Cheshire home in East Timor. Marcus is now at school whereas before he was lying around at his house in a remote village. Marcus, and other children now have a chance in life whereas their future looked extremely bleak prior to our support.

The Variety International Funds have helped enormously in allowing Ryder-Cheshire to fund Klibur Domin. In 2011, the $7500 donated was about 5% of our total contribution to the running of the home together with its outreach programs.

There are many children being cared for as inpatients at the home. The range of illnesses and disabilities include Tuberculosis, Malnutrition, bone fractures, wounds, Juvenile Arthritis, and pre and post operative care. In addition, there have been hundreds of children supported under the Community Based Rehabilitation program for Children with Disabilities. All of these children have, and many still are, benefiting from our support.

Peter Newton, AO, President Ryder-Cheshire Australia

marcus’ story

Marcus lives in Bazartete village in Liquisa Timor-Leste. He has Scoliosis. His parents are still both alive. He has five brothers and three sisters. Marcus started primary school when he was 7 but he had problems with back pain and he stopped going to school.

In 2009, the Klibur Domin Community Based Rehabilitation staff found Marcus in his village and began supporting him and his family. The CBR staff encouraged him to go back to school. He is now in third year of primary school and receiving very good results in his reports.

The CBR staff continues to provide support to Marcus and his family with clothing, food supplements and school kits and books. The CBR staff is also planning to supply basic water supply and sanitation for Marcus and his families this year.