Awesome Angel marzo 18, 2014 9:38 PM - Variety International

Angel is a big believer in creating joy, beauty and miracles…by giving back to the charity that supports her and so many other children. One of the key reasons that Angel wants to fundraise for Variety is that she knows that kids in the hospital need to have their families there, they need their moms and their dads.

Angel entered the Scotia Bank Game Changers competition last year – and just as she vowed she would: she won! $100,000 for her favorite charity.

That is just a small part of Angel’s work to help sick children like herself. She has formed her own non- profit, Hugginz; sewing cozy blankets and pajamas for kids in hospital. She has created and sold a cookbook, bags groceries for tips and holds an annual Variety show and dance. Plus she’s a Variety Coin Kid, raising money in her home town of Port Alberni.

Add it all up and Angel has donated over $250,000 to Variety so more children can be helped. Just as Angel would want.

Angel’s story is one of challenges from a genetic defect that will limit her life. But it is also a story of giving from a heart that beats with kindness and love.

Angel Magnussen was presented with the Junior Variety International Ambassador Award at Variety British Columbia’s Telethon on January 25th and 26th.