International Children’s fund

Pestel, Haiti
Variety International Children’s Fund Haiti:
Pestel Child Health Campaing

We began our work together in Pestel, Haiti, with Child Health Campaigns in 2010. Since then we have:

Employed 18 child health workers and 1 manager from throughout the region to provide Vitamin A & Anti-parasitic medications twice a year

Distributed individual child medical records to each child

Conducted household surveys to determine the great needs of the communities, and started to tackle the widespread problem of anemia in the poor villages of Pestel.

The Haitian Ministry of Health recently announced that they will undertake a nation-wide immunization campaign. We have laid the foundation to participate in this immunization effort for the 12,000 children who live in the mountains of Pestel. I remain incredibly impressed by the hard work of the Haitian men and women who I have trained and work on behalf of Variety International in some of the most neglected villages in Pestel, Haiti.

I am thrilled with the progress we have made to date! We are in Year 3 of our work together and we are providing levels of excitement for what is yet to come! We will be undertaking an important well-drilling project throughout the region under the capable leadership of Water Missions International. This is going to a life-giving work with a value that is truly hard to estimate.

Let me explain through one specific example:

In 2010, after the earthquake, cholera began to sweep the nation of Haiti. Within a matter of three months the bacteria had spread from one small village in Haiti to every corner of the nation. This included Pestel. Two years later cholera remains a huge problem in Pestel, and only two months ago an international response was mobilized because the number of cases and deaths in Pestel was alarmingly high.

Death from cholera is preventable. Cholera causes profuse diarrhea and is caused when someone ingests contaminated water. The solution to the problem of cholera is clean, safe water. This is both the solution for prevention as well as treatment! I have seen people in Pestel with cholera on my trips, and the fact that cholera remains such a big problem in rural Pestel highlights the urgent need for water. And that’s what we are intending to provide!


Clean, safe water for kids to drink…that will replace the dirty water from buckets and small pools of brown water. Water will be flowing from wells…even during times of prolonged dry spells when the women would otherwise have to walk up to four hours to purchase a bucket of water. The water from wells will help prevent child deaths….and we can imagine the day when children in Pestel will not die from diarrhea and dehydration.

It’s about the numbers

  • #1

    The number of water treatment units we installed last year in Pestel.

  • #2

    Where diarrhea ranks for cause of child death in Pestel.

  • $5

    Per Child Per Year... the chose to run the current child health campaigns which include Vitamin A, anti-parasitics, and anemia campaigns

  • $10

    The one-time cost per person of installing a well.

  • 20

    The number of candidate villages for well-drilling in Pestel.

  • 20%

    The amount of improvement in anemia for the average child in the poorest section of Pestel after our anemia campaign.

  • 98%

    The percentage of people in Pestel who do not have access to potable water.

  • 140

    The number of minutes the average person currently walks to get water in Pestel.

  • 180

    The estimated number of children saved per year through our child health campaigns.

  • 4,000

    The number of people now drinking clean water from Variety International and Water Missions International installation of water treatment system on the island of Grand Cayemites, off the coast of Pestel.

  • 12,000

    The total number of children in the mountain villages of the Pestel region needing to be reached by the Variety International Children’s Fund Child Health Campaign.