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Hometown Champions

Every champion is an inspiration and a national hero in their hometown. Regardless of the city they play for and the success they achieve, they always have hero status back home.

About The Program

What is Hometown Champions?

The Hometown Champions campaign operates at an international level, partnering with Variety tents across the globe, including Australia, the UK, America, and more. Each Variety location has its own independent mission, with one overall collective goal, to raise funds and supply programming and support to individuals in need.

Hometown Champions is designed to give athletes the opportunity to reconnect with their hometown roots. Here at Variety, we see firsthand the important role sports, and our sports idols play in a child’s life. They provide inspiration, motivation, and courage for young athletes.

Meet the Team

Welcome to our Champions of 2023

Ontario, CA

Conor McCann


Ontario, CA

Lucas Rumball


Toronto, CA

Henoc Muamba


Winnipeg, CA

Brady Oliveira