Empowering children with experiences, tools, and vital medical equipment

Our Promise

Our programs deliver a lifelong positive impact for millions of children around the world

Our global network of donors, sponsors, and supporters transformed the lives of children who are sick, disadvantaged, or living with a disability.

445,403 Children

445,403 Children

empowered with independence, mobility, and social inclusion

123,301 Organizations

123,301 Organizations

supported to provide educational, medical, and disability equipment and services for children

$120,567,000 Spent

$120,567,000 Spent

to help children in 12 countries across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region

Featured story

Giving Diego the gift of independence

3-year-old Diego, a clever and outgoing young man, lives with Polyneuropathy Hereditary Axonal Motor – Dorsolumbal Neuromuscular Scoliosis. The Scoliosis is the result of a gene mutation that causes severe muscular weakness and atrophy. Diego resides with his mother and brother in the town of Jerico- Antioquia, Columbia and has experienced low access to educational opportunities and multiple barriers to health services.

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Why We Do it

When children are unable to reach their full potential, not only can it limit their future but their family and community carry the social and economic costs

An estimated* 93 million children aged 0 to 14 live with a moderate to severe disability worldwide.

Children with disabilities often have poorer health outcomes, lower education achievements, and higher levels of poverty

There’s an extremely high* unmet need for vital children’s assistive and medical devices, educational opportunities and social inclusion

* World Health Organization Findings

How we do it

Our programs transform children's lives by giving them a future without limits