Give the Gift of Social Inclusion and Mobility November 29, 2015 9:36 PM


What price social inclusion, independence and self-esteem for a child without it.  By uniting with 32 other like-minded people, donating just $1 per day for 90 days will gift a child with mobility problems a specialized adaptive bike, allowing them to experience the freedom and joy of shared family experience and the liberty of riding a bike, something most children take for granted.  Adaptive bikes also allow these children to strengthen their leg and core muscles, meaning better health outcomes and a real sense of achievement and belonging for the family.

Connect with Variety’s Change Heroes “Adaptive Bike” program this festive season and give the gift that keeps on giving and changes a child’s future.  For just $1 a day for 90 days, you and 32 others will deliver all these benefits to a child in need.”