Catie Cares! April 30, 2014 4:55 PM - Variety International

This is a story about Catie…a child with mobility issues. Variety knows that mobility is instrumental in a child gaining confidence to become an independent, well-rounded person. And after Variety of Kansas City granted Catie her request for an adaptive tricycle, Catie gained mobility, confidence and enthusiasm..She blossomed as she became “one of the kids” riding her trike through the neighborhood. She is a super star at her school, Shoal Creek, because of her kind words and genuine smile. With a huge empathetic heart, Catie wants to find ways in the world around her to make a difference. And although she aspires to be a teacher some day, she loves helping other kids like herself now. She had a plan, she had a name, and she had a goal: Catie Cares was launched. A single child, giving back, armed with childlike ideas on how to raise awareness and funds. Catie Cares caught the attention of a major philanthropic business in the Kansas City area, Waddell and Reed, who underwrote Variety Kansas City’s primary fundraiser, Catie Cares!

Here is Catie Cares ‘Kids Care Guide’, a dozen plus suggestions for getting involved and raising money for Variety’s kids:

With her magnetic personality and attitude that just won’t quite, Catie is an inspiration to us all! Yay Catie!!!