Cheerful Wynter November 24, 2014 9:32 PM - Variety – the Children’s Charity International

Texas native Wynter Young, 7 years old, is the first kid to arrive at Ballet and Cheerleading practice every week. Wynter lives her life with a cheerful spirit and huge smile. She also lives with Down Syndrome and a severe delay in her gross motor skills, making everything she has achieved so far in life, a miracle. When Variety first met Wynter, she had recently undergone a surgery that left her dependent on her parents to do most things.

Wynter’s therapists came to Variety with a giant goal to re-condition her to use her legs and needed the money to help achieve this. Variety provided Wynter with the physical therapy she needed to be able to ride the bike that she had always dreamed of having. A few months after her last session in therapy, Wynter was surprised with her very own adaptive tricycle. Her new trike, made especially for her allowed her the freedom to be a kid; strengthening both her muscles as well as her confidence.

Today, Wynter is living life like every child should. Through Variety at Work, Wynter was allowed the opportunity to be the “Game Ball Girl,” at a minor league basketball game, walking down to the court on her own and giving the referee the ball to start the game!

We are so proud of Wynter and all of her accomplishments at such a young age. Variety of Texas has empowered this brave little girl who has proven over and over again, that she can do anything she puts her mind to, regardless of her physical obstacles.