Creating a bright future for the children of Southern California December 12, 2014 3:38 AM - Variety - the Children's Charity of Southern California

Founded in 1941, Variety – the Children’s Charity of Southern California is dedicated to inspiring hope, enriching lives and building a better future for the children of Southern California.

The money raised in Southern California stays in this community and Variety is proud that it is able to modify its agenda in order to meet the evolving conditions encompassing our region, providing support wherever the need is greatest.

Variety – the Children’s Charity of Southern California awards over half a million dollars annually to organizations which serve our children in the areas of Health Care, Education and Mobility. They are also a major supporter of the Variety Boys and Girls Club of Boyle Heights


Variety – the Children’s Charity of Southern California supports organizations which provide underprivileged children and at-risk youth the programs necessary to pursue their education and dreams and overcome the barriers of poverty, poor performing schools and high levels of unemployment. Education grants fund early literacy programs, college scholarships, homework assistance, college prep, career readiness, art, music, science and technology workshops, sports and gang prevention counseling.

Health Care

Children battling illness need relief from the pain and chaos of treatments. Variety – the Children’s Charity of Southern California supports camps and programs for kids affected by HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and other life threatening illness. 1 in 5 children in Los Angeles go to bed hungry every night. Variety supports organizations which provide safety, help, and hope to children who are victims of abuse, neglect, and homelessness. Variety supports a wide range of neo-natal intensive care equipment for hospitals in under-served communities, to ensure that the tiniest of children receive the best care possible.


No child should miss out on opportunities simply because they lack the necessary transportation. Variety Sunshine Coaches” take kids to field trips, camps, and therapy.

Variety’s Mobility Program provides confidence, freedom, and much-needed therapeutic exercise to children with disabilities like Devin by providing specially designed adaptive bikes.

Devin is an 11 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. He utilizes a walker and a communications device to navigate day to day life. However when it comes to physical activity, this young man lacks a fun source of exercise. When we went to Devin’s home to deliver his bike, his Mom was visibly nervous. She said she was afraid that because Devin had never been on a bike before, he may not be able to turn the pedals – and she was worried that bringing the video cameras would end up being a waste of time. We think you will agree that Devin’s Mom’s worries were quickly erased. In fact, at seeing her son ride a bike for the very first time, she was overwhelmed with tears of joy. She told us that Devin’s father would bike on the beach and pull Devin in a bike trailer. It was one of Devin’s favorite things to do. When he outgrew the bike trailer, Devin desperately wanted to go biking on the beach again. This time with his own set of wheels!

Watch Devin ride his bike for the very first time

Variety Boys & Girls Club

Since 1949, the Variety Boys & Girls Club has responded to the needs of children in the Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles community by offering leadership development programs, tutoring and mentoring, recreation, sports and aquatics programs, arts and crafts, a computer learning center and library, social recreation, college scholarships, and special events to reward its members’ achievements and talents. The new Club, which opened in the Fall of 2011, is a safe haven where our children can learn, grow and hope.

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