Great Pitch Joseph! September 26, 2014 2:01 AM - Variety of Texas

Joseph was one of the many children with special needs nominated to throw the first pitch at the Texas Rangers v. Los Angeles Angels on September 9th. Every child that Variety of Texas reviewed was perfect for the job but it was Joseph’s mother’s nomination which made a dream come true!

“I think any mother with a child with special needs will agree with me when I say any little bit of progress from our child is an excuse to celebrate! Even if it is the smallest thing ever, we are absolutely proud of every little thing they accomplish. One thing is certain, his wheelchair does not limit him to anything and I always remind him that he can do it all sometimes a little different than others. For my son, attending all his cousins many baseball games and seeing them practice made him very determined to reach his goal of simply just being able to hit a ball and throw a ball.”

To read the nomination letter, Click here.

In FY 12-13, Variety served 10,454 kids through Variety at Work by providing opportunities for kids with special needs to step out into their community and live life like every child should.