‘I Love A Bit of Variety’ June 26, 2015 4:34 AM

Variety’s image has traditionally been perceived as a bit old fashioned by younger people and to attract a more youthful audience Caroline Monk of Variety Great Britain came up with the fun slogan ‘I Love A Bit Of Variety’ that had the potential to go viral via social media.

Caroline designed the t-shirts using the most Iconic design in the world which is ‘I Love NY’ as it’s not only recognised worldwide it’s also fun and cool.

Variety Great Britain found a supplier who’s t-shirts where made ethically and were great quality. “We wanted the t-shirts to look young so didn’t use the standard charity style. I picked ladies skinny tees and vests and for the men a more rock n roll look with black trimming.” Caroline said

“We wanted a face to fit the slogan and also would be known to all ages. Babs Windsor fitted the bill in the UK as she was in The Carry On films and also Eastenders and most of all is one of our national treasures. Her cheeky persona made the t-shirts even more fun and endearing.”

“Once Babs agreed I arranged a photo shoot and the campaign began.”

“We came up with a social media strategy using the hash tag #lovesabitofvariety and then set up a shop page on the website, so everything was ready when we launched. The t-shirts were £12 inc p&p on website and £10 when sold at events.”

“We sent t-shirts to all the Variety Celebrities with a covering letter from Babs explaining by wearing the tshirts they would be helping to raise money for much needed wheelchairs. We now have 90 and counting…Caroline continued.

Brian May

Caroline then found a great boy who needed a sports wheelchair, who would be happy to pose in the t shirt and be the face of the campaign for press.

Celebrities would then tweet a pic of themselves in the t-shirt saying why they #lovesabitofvariety and then say get your t-shirts here It went crazy on Facebook, Twitter and all social media and we reached millions and millions of new people.

“When we had enough from t-shirt sales to buy a sports wheelchair I organised a celebrity party for Babs Windsor to present one to the boy. We had a lot of press coverage from this and it kicked off the next t-shirt campaign which is to buy a Sunshine Coach.” Caroline said.

The celebrities have been amazing. Talking about the campaign in press, TV and radio and really backing Variety.

Now to push the Campaign forward we need to make it global and raise money for Variety Children all over the World! If your Office would like to be part of an International recognition campaign that is a proven success or you would like to purchase a T shirt, please contact the Sharon Castillo at the Variety International Office.