Join ESPN’s Steve Mason in supporting Variety International Children’s Fund Ukraine Orphans Project July 29, 2014 1:02 AM - Variety International

“In my 22-year career as a broadcaster in Southern California, I have never taken up a personal cause. While a battle for power rages in Kiev, I am working with Variety International to support the forgotten Ukranian orphans. Through our efforts, 450 kids in Beregovo, near the Hungarian border, received food, coats and shoes to survive the cold Ukrainian winter. The next project is to build dormitories for these kids. They, truly, have nothing. My intention is to do everything I can to help Variety International make a huge difference in these kids’ lives” – Steve Mason

Temperatures in the Ukraine can plummet to minus 50 degrees, leaving orphan children living in these harsh conditions susceptible and unprotected against serious illness, hunger and exposure. An emerging catastrophe in the winter of 2012 saw Variety’s International Children’s Fund respond decisively to this potential tragedy with the swift provision of warm thermal jackets, clothing and shoes. This resolute action saved many children’s lives.

Through our efforts, more than 450 children in Beregovo were saved from the freezing winter. Ana was one of the many children found sheltering in a run-down shack from the cold wind and rain and was immediately provided food, warm clothing, shoes and shelter.

Together with Steve Mason, you can, and are encouraged to, change the life of a child like Ana through your generous support of the Variety International Children’s Fund Ukraine Orphans Project.

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