Live, Laugh and Learn: May 22nd to May 25th April 30, 2014 5:06 PM - Variety International

The inclusivity of this year’s Barbados conference should make it an appealing destination to Variety members…all inclusive food and beverages…No extra output of dollars! No having to look for others places to eat and meet up with new friends and old. It can all be done at the Accra Beach Hotel and Spa.


There is still time to register!!

There is still time to make hotel reservations and book your flight(s)!!

There is still time to celebrate Variety Barbados’ 20th anniversary at the Concorde Experience!

There is still time to take that deep breath and gaze at the water just steps away with a cool glass of wine or rum punch in hand!

There is still time to listen to the infectious rhythms of the Caribbean steel pans, experience the many charms of Barbados, its rich culture and its people!

There is still time to be there when the winners of the Heart awards, Corporate awards, Media awards, Presidential Citation awards and Grant awards are announced!

There is still time, more importantly, to learn how 2014 will be a year of growth and success from guest experts, and each other!

It’s the learning from each other that has been the key to the success of many of Variety’s top fundraisers! And the learning takes place at the conferences!

New and successful fundraisers are presented and discussed thoroughly, so Tents can return to their home towns and replicate programs that have been tried by other Tents, be it a Telethon (see below), a Santa Run or a Cash for Kids program. It’s at the conferences that we communicate, cooperate and collaborate, ensuring it’s a win win situation – for Variety, and the kids.