Meet Ma’Liyah September 1, 2016 1:09 AM


Ma’Liyah is a toddler affectionately called “Liyah” by her family. She is a people person who lights up when meeting others. She loves her family, her toys and cartoons (especially Doc McStuffins!). With spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Liyah is unable to stand by herself. Her world is seen from sitting or laying down and observing others. A medical stander would allow Liyah to experience the world from the same perspective of her peers. It is important for kids with special needs to be around other kids, so that they recognize and understand they are just as important. Variety partners, volunteers and donors know that – and that is why they have made it possible for Liyah to have her stander.

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About Variety – the Children’s Charity of Greater  Kansas City

Variety the Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City provides children with developmental disabilities adaptive equipment and opportunities for activity and inclusion.

Since 1934, we have helped thousands of children in Kansas City better live up to their potential – by providing them with the mobility and communication devices they need as well as opportunities for inclusion within our community.

Variety the Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City is a volunteer-driven organization. At the heart of our achievements are the remarkable contributions of people like you. It is only through your time and effort that we are able to do so much for our city’s special children. If you’re passionate about helping children with special needs and their families feel – and be – included in our community, please donate, volunteer and help us make a difference for them.