Remarkable Scarlett October 23, 2014 10:57 PM

Meet 11 year old Scarlett. She is one of the stars of the Variety Voices youth choir which was established in 2011 within Variety New Zealand’s Future Kiwi Kids programme.

The choir offers a group scholarship opportunity for talented young performers to share the joy of performance through rehearsing and singing together at events, whether disabled or able-bodied, facing challenges or not. They meet once a week and make special appearances at events in the community, such as Christmas parties and charity functions. Think Glee, think pop songs performed with a twist, think of a whole bunch of exceptional young people and you’ve got Variety Voices!

Scarlett has been a member of Variety Voices for three years, and loves nothing more than being on stage. Being part of choir has been a real boost for her confidence: “I love singing and acting and dancing, so I guess I’m happy doing what I love when I have a big audience to watch me, all smiling and clapping. I’m nervous before I go on stage. I worry that I’ll do something wrong and everyone will laugh at me, but that doesn’t actually happen very much. I work hard to remember everything. When I get on stage I don’t feel nervous any more, just excited that I’m going to be performing”

Scarlett also has another passion – to help make a difference in the lives of other children in New Zealand who are not so fortunate. She signed up to sponsor a local child living without the basics through Variety New Zealand’s Kiwi Kid Sponsorship programme. She picked a girl to sponsor who is the same age as her and also lives in Auckland and enjoys music.

Scarlett says: “It makes me really happy to feel like I’m helping other people while I’m doing the things I love.”

Earlier this year Scarlett auditioned and won a part in the touring UK production of Annie the Musical. It was an incredible experience, and also Scarlett’s first paid part in a major production. She made the decision to dedicate some of her earnings towards sponsoring a second child through Kiwi Kid Sponsorship. Here is a picture of Scarlett handing over her sponsorship money to Lorraine Taylor, Variety New Zealand CEO. What a remarkable young lady, making a real difference to the lives of Kiwi kids who need our support.