The Bay Push Inc. An Initiative for Variety – the Children’s Charity November 30, 2016 8:34 PM


The Bay Push was created by Charles Stuart of Batemans Bay, Far South Coast, New South Wales around two years ago to assist children in the region with a disability.

Charles has been a participant on the NSW Variety Bash for the past 27 years and when he retired he wanted to give a little back to his community. Naturally, Variety the Children’s Charity was the avenue of choice.

The Bay Push Inc. has a primary goal of giving families of children with a disability a little respite in a general and fun sense. And that goal has expanded to now create a holiday destination to families with a disability.

Batemans Bay is an idyllic coastal hamlet, just two hours east of Canberra, the capital of Australia and it is its nearest coastal destination. It is also four hours south of Sydney which makes an ideal destination for a large number of Australia’s population.

As a matter of interest, the annual holiday spend in Australia for Disability Tourism is $8.5B

First up the group approached the local county council with a view to converting the locale playground to become all-inclusive. They agreed with the concept, although with some reservation regarding the size of the project.

Next step was to engage a specialist architect trained in the needs of those with a disability.

The result is a carefully crafted design, which in the words of the architect –“Not everyone will be able to use all play equipment, but there will be something here for all”.

The project cost is estimated at $1.6M and at this stage fundraising has almost reached the half-way point. Work has commenced and all money in the bank will be spent by this December, just in time for the annual summer school holidays.