Tough Cookie Skyler February 20, 2015 7:48 PM - Variety – the Children’s Charity International

Skyler Poirier was born prematurely by emergency C-section 15 months ago, after only 25 weeks gestation.

Skyler was tiny, so small that her arm could comfortably fit inside her father Dan’s wedding band. She was also underdeveloped and weak, and required ventilation and oxygen support for the first six months of her life. In Royal Columbian Hospital she contracted pneumonia and her lungs collapsed. Doctors were not hopeful she would survive.

You wouldn’t know any of this to see Skyler today, though. She’s healthy, happy and strong, with a smile that could steal your heart. She’s a bit small for her age, at only 17 pounds, but she’s fully capable of feeding herself solid foods, crawling and standing up — even taking her first tentative steps.

"She’s just a tough cookie," says proud momma, Eleanor. "She’s our little happy girl."

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