Variety Empowers the Seale Family September 30, 2015 1:10 AM

Michael and LaTanya

The Seale family’s journey with Variety – the Children’s Charity has been an amazing experience.

In 1983 when Michael Seale was born, a big percentage of all parents who knew they’d have a disabled child, ended up in a divorce. Variety encouraged the Seale’s to stay together and empowered them to keep strong.

“So when this two and half pounder, 27 weeks gestation, eleven surgeries due to Celebral Palsy came into this world I said, I knew I had a job to do. No one succeeds alone”
– LaTanya Seale (Michael’s mother)

Variety saw the need in their family. Without delay and in a timely manner that need was fulfilled.

Variety – the Children’s Charity of Southern California granted a van to the Seale family to help them transport Michael to his weekly appointments at UCLA for botox injections to control spasticity in Celebral Palsy.

32 years later, Variety’s generosity and assistance continues to inspire Michael to follow his dreams.

“Anyone can succeed if they have a vision, put it into action, and dedicate themselves.”
-Michael Seale Jr.

Michael Seale Jr. is an Artist, a Businessman and the Boss Man.

Michael has created over 350 abstract art expressions since the tender age of 13. After taking an art class at the Watts Towers Art Gallery his passion for painting with acrylics on canvas was heightened. He feels that the process of doing art is a time proven stress reliever, and if done on a regular basis, will enlighten you physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually for the better.

Michael is an avid reader of business books and says, “my life is enriched by reading books!” He enjoys an action-packed film any day of the week. He maintains a nutritional diet and exercises daily. He has a zeal for life, lots of faith in his God given abilities, and has a courageous smile.

Michael’s dream is to own a luxury art gift shop on the beach! Michael was born at just 27 weeks weighing only 2.5 pounds. He is as enthusiastic as ever about his career as an amazing abstract artist.

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Michael and his mother LaTanya Seale was our guest of honor at the 2015 Variety – the Children’s Charity World Conference in Milwaukee. Variety – the Children’s Charity awarded LaTanya Seale a certificate of appreciation for her selfless devotion to her son Michael.

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