Variety International Children’s Fund – Pestel, Haiti 2010-2014 Summary of Activities October 23, 2014 10:59 PM - Variety International

The project aim was to improve the HEALTH of the children in Pestel. This was accomplished by:

1. Developing community health outreach campaigns to reach the furthest kids in the most neglected villages

2. Providing clean, safe and reliable sources of water to reduce the #2 cause of child death: diarrhea



Variety International’s funding was used to develop and maintain a team of field health workers that covered the entire mountainous(and sometimes treacherous) terrain of Pestel, Haiti.


A number of different very important outcomes occurred, and the details will be included later in this report. Generally, the major outcomes of the funding include the following: Improved child health. We eliminated Vitamin A Deficiency in 8000 children (ages 6 months to 5 years). We saved about 100 children per year from dying through the Vitamin A Campaigns, and eliminated blindness due to Vitamin A Deficiency. Our deworming campaigns were highly successful and praised by parents. Widespread vaccination efforts began for the first time in Pestel in 2013 with the workers covering both children as well as women of childbearing age. A large-scale household water filter project began in 2014 that will reach about 15,000 people.

Health infrastructure

The twenty field health workers contributed to the health efforts throughout Pestel, identifying about 240 villages (the government thought there were only 130 villages), identifying children in each of those villages and providing them medicines one-on-one, collected household data that was provided to the Haiti Ministry of Health as well as UNICEF. Furthermore, this network of field health workers (called APPAS) that was developed through Variety International funding assisted a number of other organizations who were attracted to Pestel as a direct result of Variety’s involvement and our ability to help support their work. This included Heifer International and Water Missions International. The APPAS field workers also assisted Dr. Seneque (Regional Health Director for Pestel) with early warning of approaching hurricanes to the villagers as well as health education on topics of nutrition and cholera.

Attracting individuals and organizations

One of the great (and difficult to quantify) benefits of these projects has been the participation of other organizations and individuals who are now involved in Pestel as a direct result of Variety International’s annual donation. These organizations have been involved in a number of important areas including primary education, community development, water projects, nutrition related projects, and even planning for a new health clinic!

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