Variety International Children’s Fund supporting Abundant Life Care Orphan Home September 30, 2015 4:16 AM

Kids in uniform

The Variety International Children’s Fund is pleased to support this home for orphans and operated by Abundant Life Care India, (ALC) founded in 2001. The ALC Home grew out of the vastly needed help for the ever increasing number of unwanted or improperly cared for children in India. This includes children who were imprisoned by traffickers. ALC-India is comprised mainly of volunteers that assist in reaching, training, rescuing and the placement of unwanted or improperly cared for children throughout South India and Asia. ALC participates in training workers to reach out to these poor children in the slums and villages of India. A great deal of ALC’s efforts are directed at educating the public and local community at large about the needs of these poor neglected kids and the difficulties of living below poverty situations. ALC’s goal is to rescue these children from the effects of poverty and to educate their families, the local leaders and the community people, causing the cycle to end.

Variety International Children’s Fund
1. approved $10,000 per year for five years ($50,000) 9/15/11 – 9/15/16
2. provided funding for four years ($30,000) 9/15/11 – 9/15/15
3. remaining funds are for one year ($10,000) 9/15/15 – 9/15/16

Milestones achievements:

< Completed >
• Three Boy’s completed High School – Gopal, Aaron & Tim
• ALC’s Boy (Gopal) completed two yrs College & three months Skill Training
• Gopal finished 45 days training for A/C Tech
• Gopal works for the Sun-Shine Hospital in Hyderabad as A/C Technician
Gopal graduated from the ALC Children’s Home July 2015 after ten years
• Aaron completed High School and Two years College
Aaron graduated from ALC Children’s Home July 2015 after ten years
• Peter completed High School & moved to his brothers home for College
• Timothy completed High School and one year of College
• Four sisters lived at ALC Home July 2008 to April 2013 for five years
• Two sisters lived at ALC Home July 2008 to June 2014 for six years

< In Progress >
Timothy started second year College June 2015
Paul is studying and will graduate High School June 2016
David’s in Middle School and will graduate six Grade June 2016
• Two twin sisters (Ramya & Lavanya) joined ALC Children’s home June 2013
• Two brothers (Raj Kumar & Abhishek) joined ALC home June 2013 & 2014
• Two brothers (David Raj & Solomon) joined ALC Children’s home June 2015
• Digging three Water Harvesting pits to replenish ground water in Bore wells
• Finishing the construction, plastering and painting of the outside study area
• Campaign for ALC Compound wall for the Children’s home started in 2015

Below is a good quick look at the History of the ALC Center Compound in Shamirpet, Hyderabad, India 2006-2015. Enjoy watching!

ALC Center & ALC Children’s Home