Variety International Children’s Fund Ukraine Winter Project -The Gift of Warmth Brings Smiles and Hope March 18, 2014 10:12 PM - Ukraine Winter Project

Temperatures in the Ukraine can plummet to minus 50 degrees, leaving orphan children living in these harsh conditions susceptible and unprotected against serious illness, hunger and exposure. An emerging catastrophe in the winter of 2012 saw Variety’s International Children’s Fund respond decisively to this potential tragedy with the swift provision of warm thermal jackets, clothing and shoes. This resolute action saved many children’s lives.

Deluxe Media Management have graciously & very generously agreed to donate the cost of shipping all the jackets & other apparel/goods (scarves, gloves, socks, beanies and such) going out of their Valencia facility to Hungary for the VI 2012 and 2013 Children’s Fund Ukraine Mission. Sunset Marketing generously donated beanies and t-shirts.

These are enormous gifts and we thank everyone in making this a possibility. The Variety International Children’s Fund Ukraine Orphans Project to date has provided: jackets, t-shirts, gloves, scarves, beanie caps, socks, baseball caps, and boots.