Variety of Israel’s Star of The Day March 31, 2015 12:31 AM - Variety Israel

Variety Israel carries out many activities for the benefit of children aimed at helping them pass the time pleasantly, and support them in the process of rehabilitative and social integration in Israeli society.

Activities may include wellbeing events such as the summer happening for children and their families, and the Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony, which take place every year.

Since its founding, and in line with its strategic vision, Variety Israel has been collaborating with major Israeli corporations in order to raise funds for paramedical treatments and rehabilitation equipment for children with special needs. These humane collaborative partnerships provide many children with assistance and encourage society to become involved and assume social responsibility within the community.

Thanks to ties that became increasingly close over the years, more and more companies now wish to participate in the huge efforts made by Variety in contributing to children and improving their lives.

2o years ago, Variety of Israel saw sports as a life-enriching opportunity to help promote children’s independence, social inclusion and improve their self-esteem. It was the perfect opportunity as both Variety and sports are affiliated with the entertainment industry. Sports became more influential and largely exposed worldwide.

Sports is also a great way to bring smiles and recognitions to Variety of Israel’s "Special kids" and make them a "Star of the Day". Variety of Israel first partnered with basketball Champions Maccabi Tel Aviv the basketball Champions, and then with football champions Maccabi Haifa. At each and every game, a kid is brought to the center of the arena, and viewed by a hundred thousand cheering fans and is also televised on TV. The Sport group players and fans support, assist and accept Variety of Israel as part of their own family. They attend and volunteer at the events, play with the kids, and also help out to raise funds. This grant brings happiness to the kids as well as exposes Variety which in turns opens doors to many fundraising opportunities. It is a win-win, the kids are happy, and Variety of Israel is the most popular and known Children’s charity in Israel. Variety of Israel, and its many supporters are One Big Family all working together to bring goodness at all aspects and provide children with a limitless future.