Variety – the Children’s Charity of Georgia believe that every child deserves the opportunity to live, laugh and learn. October 28, 2014 9:42 PM - Variety of Georgia

Variety-the Children’s Charity of Georgia’s mission is to enrich, improve, and fulfill the lives of children with disabilities and disadvantages. Their hope is that all children regardless of their circumstances, are able to actively participate in their community and experience all the joys that a childhood brings. They believe that every child deserves the opportunity to live, laugh and learn.

Variety-the Children’s Charity of Georgia have proudly served the children of Georgia since 1939 and over the last several years, and have developed direct programs to meet the growing needs of the community. The three core programs: Freedom Kids, Caring for Kids, and Future Kids provide access to health, wellness, and educational programs to the underserved children in Georgia.

Their last fundraiser of the year, the 45th Annual Golf Fest, raised over $209,000. The golf tournament honored two deserving individuals with the Mac McAfee Big Heart Award (Richie Fay and Hank Lightstone), presented two mobility bikes (Kyle and Madelyn) and recognized the success of two of Variety families. (Ben and Hayden) Check out the video here:

On October 18, Variety of Georgia presented an Isolette – Giraffe Warmer to Savannah Memorial Children’s Hospital and their NICU department. This new Isolette will aid in serving the 800 children that are welcomed into the world at Children’s Memorial in Savannah. The new warmer has all the necessary features to ensure the vitality of the child. The Giraffe Warmer provides a warm, comfortable, developmentally supportive environment for the baby. It provides easy access for caring for the newborn, weighing the newborn for correct medication doses, and an integrated SPO2 and T-Piece Resuscitation Systems for resuscitation therapy to high-risk newborns. They have learned that even a .5 difference of a temperature degree change can be detrimental to a newborn. This new warmer will impact a child’s life from the beginning.

On October 19, Variety had their Annual Bowling for Bikes which helped us raise $ 3,000 and with the help of “Hearty”, the mascot, and presented two adapted bicycles – Emma and Bryn could not be more excited.

On October 26, Variety was able to treat Variety families to a fun day at Lego Land and surprised little Amanda with her adapted bicycle. Amanda was definitely overwhelmed with the unexpected gift! This event was made possible through Legoland and Merlin’s Magic Wand. They believe in putting the magic back into the childhoods of seriously ill, disabled, and disadvantage children.

A few of Variety of Georgia’s upcoming Events:
On November 10, Variety of Georgia will be presenting an Isolatte – Giraffe Warmer to Grady Memorial Hospital and their NICU. The new warmer will arrive just in time because Grady is working on expanding their level III NICU unit.

On November 30, they will have their 2nd Annual Santa Fun Run. It’s a 5K run where participants wear their Santa suit and hat through the finish line. This Variety fundraising event embraces the Holiday spirit to help raise money for sick, disadvantaged, and special needs children. Participants choose to run or walk in the official Variety Santa suit. You can run it, walk it, skip it, hop it – together, we help a child walk, run, and play. Join the movement- The Variety Santa Fun Run is international race in which thousands participate. Variety will make a special presentation before the race begins. Sign Up Now for this year’s race on Sunday, November 30th at 8:00am in Kennesaw

On Dec. 6 they will have their 8th Annual Hearts for the Holidays Party. They choose 160 (low- income) well deserving children, obtain the gift wish list of around and they purchase clothes, toys, and books off their list. They will invite each child and their parents to a family Holiday movie and provide them with a film, refreshments, entertainment, a one on one visit with Santa and a Jumbo Bag filled with custom gifts for each child. They will also present a special adaptive mobility bicycle to a child with special needs.

For more information about Variety of Georgia, check out our their new website here.