Variety Young Star of the Year 2015 – Courageous, Caring and Accomplished October 30, 2015 7:36 AM


Aimed at youngsters aged between six and sixteen, the event is run in conjunction with the Pride of Jersey Awards, organised by the Jersey Evening Post.

The public are invited to nominate the young people that they think should be recognised and rewarded. Many young islanders face adversity in their lives; this could be dealing with a debilitating illness, or helping to care for a family member. Others gladly give up their time to help others in the community and Variety is also looking for those who have excelled in an academic or creative forum.

Congratulations to Variety’s Inspirational Young Stars!

Inspirational Young Stars Variety’s Young Star of the Year 2015 – Winner – Euan McCarthy

The Judges felt that this young man has had to overcome so much since he was born. He shows amazing strength and determination of character and even though he may be in pain, he will still have a smile on his face. He will always need medical care throughout his life but he has the attitude that will get him to achieve whatever he want out of life. Variety are very proud to call Euan our Young Star of the Year.

Young Academic Star – Winner – Caleb Owens

The Judges felt that Caleb, who has asperger’s syndrome, has achieved so much academically since he has been home tutored, as he was unable to cope with school life. Every aspect of Caleb’s life and that of his family is affected. He has made great progress not only in his academic work but also other social activities. This has had a profound impact not only on Caleb but also his entire family. Caleb will always struggle with many aspects of his daily life but with this personalised approach to his learning means that hopefully he will be able to reach his full potential. Finalists – Izzy Kelly and Fern Moolasiwa

Young Star of the Arts – Winner – Emma Preisig

Emma was thought by the Judges to be a worthy winner because of her dedication and determination to succeed in the world of cookery. For a youngster aged 16 to compete in local and National competitions competing against students already on full time catering courses. She came 2nd with her main course, scoring a perfect 30 points and then in the Regional final to have her dessert judged to be the best of all the entrants was truly remarkable. Emma has represented Jersey amazingly. Finalist – Sara Strudwick and Lucy O’Connor

Young Star of Sports – Winner – Bryony-Jasmine Ludlow

The Judges thought that this remarkable little girl has achieved so much in the world of gymnastics. She is training at Elite level with an average of 20+ hours per week. She also receives additional training of 18 hours over a 3 day period from her British performance coach, who travels over to Jersey every 4-6 weeks. She also attends regular training sessions in the UK, with the South Region squad, this enables Bryony to continue at these high standards also preparing her for the GB squad. Finalists – Elisha Stott and Raquel Goncalves

Young Star of the Community – Winners – Alice Millen-Swainston and Tom Hughes

This was such a hard decision, that the Judges decided that there would be 2 winners in this category as they were both felt to be very strong winners. The Judges felt that Alice is a very special little girl because she has spent months raising money carrying out various odd jobs and selling home made cakes for Age Concern, she also had 22 inches of her hair cut off and raised £1,522 which she gave to Age Concern towards the Liberation Day Lunch for 300 elderly people. Tom is an amazing young boy who created a Digital Learning day at his school. This entailed him taking over the school for a day to allow his fellow pupils to appreciate the value of IT. He provided a business plan and re-scheduled the teachers’ timetables to free up staff to help with the event. He is also a St John’s Ambulance Volunteer and has done 150 hours of community service. Finalists – Bella Smith and Georgena Pizuira

Young Star as Carer – Winner – Julia Ford

This is always such a difficult category as it is amazing what these youngsters do without a second thought. But the Judges felt that Julia was exceptional, for a little girl of 8, she is the main carer for her mother who has an aggressive form of cancer, which is terminal. Julia gets up at 6.15 every day to do the necessary chores for her Mum. She cycles to school from First Tower to Mont Nicolle daily. She also attends St John’s Ambulance classes so that she can help her mother more. Since undergoing treatment, Mum now has epileptic seizures and Julia has learnt how to put her Mum into the recovery position. She also knows who to call in an emergency, this little girl is very special who has a lot of responsibility but she takes it all in her stride. Finalists – Milo Baudains and Nicole Gueguen

Special Award – Young Stars of Outstanding Bravery – Winners – Brandon Moignard and Seth Fernandes

These two young boys showed outstanding bravery when they rescued a friend from drowning. They were swimming in their class at Langford when they noticed that their friend was under water and had not resurfaced. They acted quickly to pull him up and get him to the side of the pool where they held his head above the water until adults took over. The doctors who looked after their friend praised these two boys for their life-saving actions. Well done boys – we are all very proud of you.

Young Star of Courage – Winner – Euan McCarthy

This very special little boy has had so much to contend with from the day he was born. He had no left foot, for which he now wears a prosthetic leg and he only has 2 fingers on his left hand. He has had numerous operations to right his clubbed left foot all of which have been so painful for him but he has come through all this still with a smile on his face. He even took part in a sponsored walk at school, he walked from the Pizza Hut to the Gunsite Café, he finished even though his foot and leg were sore. He never gives up and just smiles through the sad times. There are so many things that Euan can’t do and he has a twin brother who is able-bodied and can do all the sport that Euan can’t. He really epitomises all that Variety is about. Finalist – Matthew Kirkland

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