VI Children’s Fund Supports Orphan Home in Hyderabad, India August 22, 2014 11:36 PM - Variety International

“Dear Variety International Board of Directors and VI Children’s Fund Committee,

We want to say a big “Thank You” to Variety – the Children’s Charity International, for granting the approval for funding to benefit the Children served by us at ALC.

Through the support of Variety – the Children’s Charity International, ALC will care and provide for 12 orphan children in Hyderabad, India, who will receive all their basic needs. These 12 children, six boys and six girls, will receive food, water, clothing, shelter and a good education.

Also, monthly and quarterly checkups with local doctors will be provided to all 12 children. As medicines are needed for the recovery of any sickness, they will also be provided.

We include the story of one of our boys, Paul, and trust that this will express how meaningful your support is and it has forever changed these children’s lives. Once again, all of us at Abundant Life Care, India, want to say we appreciate your financial support.”

Mr. Lee Ruud, CEO/Founder, Abundant Life Care, Inc

The Variety International Children’s Fund is pleased to support Abundant Life Care Home for orphans. The ALC Home grew out of the vastly needed help for the ever increasing number of unwanted or improperly cared for children in India. This includes children who were imprisoned by traffickers. ALC-India is comprised mainly of volunteers that assist in reaching, training, rescuing and the placement of unwanted or improperly cared for children throughout South India and Asia.

ALC participates in training workers to reach out to these poor children in the slums and villages of India. A great deal of ALC’s efforts are directed at educating the public and local community at large about the needs of these poor neglected kids and the difficulties of living below poverty situations. ALC’s goal is to rescue these children from the effects of poverty and to educate their families, the local leaders and the community people, causing the cycle to end!

To learn more about Variety International Children’s Fund’s Abundant Life Care Orphan Home Project, Click here.