Welcome to the Variety family Tent 94, Variety – the Children’s Charity of Sri Lanka June 30, 2016 6:40 PM

We are pleased to report the Variety International Board approved the establishment of Tent 94 Variety – the Children’s Charity of Sri Lanka. Variety Sri Lanka ) is a not for profit children’s charity that will serve the needy disadvantaged children in Sri Lanka, whether the disadvantage/challenge be profound or not, chronic or acute, physical, psychological, social or economic.

With the guidance and help of the experienced Ken V Loughnan AO, a member of the Variety International Board, and Tam Johnston, CEO of Variety Tent 56, Australia (Sister Tent to Tent 94), Val and Shanthi Jayakoddy, resident in Sri Lanka, have worked on assembling a strong Board for Variety Sri Lanka which will be essential for the start-up and success of the organization.

Variety Sri Lanka has identified four key areas of need that are categorized under Variety Caring, Freedom and Future. The overwhelming majority of needy children in Sri Lanka come from the lower socio-economic population group where poverty prevails; results of the analysis of our research show that the input of our services will give needy children and their families profound benefits.

As Val so eloquently says: “Rarely do disadvantaged or deprived children and the medically and psychologically fragile children of Sri Lanka get to experience the thrill of dipping a toe in the beautiful Indian Ocean or enjoy revelling in the fun of any trip (anywhere), or get to see an awesome mountain or participate in creative fun activities with other kids.

– Variety can and will make that happen for the children of Sri Lanka”.

Congratulations to Chairman Val & Shanthi Jayakoddy for their hard work and dedication!

Together we will help improve the lives of thousands of disadvantaged kids throughout Sri Lanka!