Young Variety: The Rebrand September 26, 2014 12:37 AM - Young Variety

The goal was to build a fun and fresh identity that was consistent with the Variety brand. Initial concepts were received, critiqued, revised and narrowed down to be submitted to the Variety International office for review.

At the May 2014 Conference in Barbados, Young Variety International Committee Co-chairs Tim McCoy and Maura Ortega wowed the conference delegates as they unveiled the new Young Variety logo.

To view the Young Variety logo horizontal, click here.

To view the Young Variety logo vertical, click here.

For any questions regarding the logo, artwork and more information, please contact Maura Ortega,

The Young Variety team is currently developing a YV Launch Package to provide current and future tents the marketing and branding resources they need to take their local market by storm!

They continue to create more buzz, raise funds, pump new blood, excitement and talents to help children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs, upholding Variety’s goal of making sure no child is left behind in reaching theirs.

To learn more about Young Variety, please contact Maura Ortega,