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Partners with Drugs for AIDS and HIV Patients,
Supporting Variety-Sarah Orphan Home

Due to the extreme need for more homes for orphans – as Nigeria has the greatest number of orphans, including the HIV/AIDS positive orphans in Africa. Based on this, the Variety International Children’s Fund joined the planning with DAHP to open an orphan home for children with HIV-AIDS in Osun State – in a city called Osogbo, the State capital.

The Variety-Sarah Orphan Home, Osogbo, is about 5 months old. It is exciting to know that some children in this region of the country will have the opportunity to have a good education, shelter, clothing, good nutrition and emotional stability. At the same time it is heartbreaking to know that while more than 100 children were screened, we could only take 10-12 of them because of limited funds.

The Variety-Sarah Orphan Home has eleven orphans ranging from 5 years to 13 years. The children are doing very well in their education, health, growth and psychosocial activities as highlighted below. This was made possible partly by the fund from Variety Children’s Fund. Highlights of the Home activities are shown below.

Educational Activities

Three of the children attend a school about a mile from the Home, one child is in middle school, three are in Primary 3 (equivalent of 3rd grade); two children are in Primary 2, one child is in Primary 1; three children are in kindergarten 2 and one child is in pre-kindergarten.

Due to the lack of parental care, most of the children had to be sent back to kindergarten class for six weeks to learn basic word composition. To facilitate the basic education, after school lessons are provided at Home from 6-9 pm by one of the Home mothers who was a teacher before joining Variety Sarah Home. Because of frequent power outage, a generator has to be used to supply electricity in the night.


The home mothers were coached to emphasize goof hygiene to all the children. The toilet facilities, which are regular commode and a shower, are kept clean using the well water on the premise. That is pumped and stored in a tank.


The President and the second Home mother who studied nutrition at a Junior College planned the children’s diet. The typical day meals include, yam (a tuber similar to potato but much firmer) and stew, rice and vegetables and beans.

Psychosocial Activities

The children attend a church in the neighborhood and take part in children’s programs. Pastors and community friends engage the children in activities such as games, soccer, singing and story telling during weekly visitation. The children also have set times at school for other activities such as physical education.

We spend 100% of donated funds directly on DAHP programs