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Caylen Santos


Caylen Santos

When it comes to making a real difference in organizational health and growth, Caylen Santos is the kind of leader who not only dreams big but also rolls up her sleeves to make it happen. With over 10 years of senior leadership and international business experience, Caylen’s unique blend of bold vision, decisive action, and deep empathy has made her successful throughout her career.

Most recently, at the Shalom Foundation, Ms. Santos has displayed her mettle as the Chief Executive Officer, driving strategic direction and fostering a culture that thrives on innovation and continuous improvement. She has not just led a team; she crafted a community aligned towards a collective mission, generating new revenue streams, and pushing the organization to achieve more, year after year. Her skill in aligning the foundation’s vision with heart-driven, day-to-day action has demonstrated a caliber of leadership that she extends in every role she holds.

Caylen has shown an adeptness in leadership across every level and organization she has worked with. As the International Programs Director at The Shalom Foundation, Caylen orchestrated projects with a blend of strategic acumen and responsive engagement to leave a lasting impact. Projects were never just projects; they were experiences in weaving narratives of hope throughout meticulously planned and expertly executed visions for sustainable impact. These projects were about meeting people where they are and as they are, ensuring that their specific community’s needs were met in a meaningful way with long-term results. Her commitment to connecting with others and fostering genuine relationships with international partners reflects Caylen’s core ethos of building bridges, an indispensable skillset for the diverse, global outreach envisioned by Variety.

Caylen’s journey is not limited to her professional milestones. She has been a voice for the voiceless, advocating for survivors of human trafficking and exploitation, rallying diverse communities as a keynote speaker, and participating in global, high impact conferences like the Paris Peace Forum to expand her positive impact in the world. Her memberships on highly esteemed coalitions and boards highlight her commitment to collective action and to being a part of the larger dialogue at hand, a dedication she will continue to nurture in global partnerships on behalf of Variety.

She has received the following accolades and held the following Board Roles: 

  • 2023 Nashville Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO – Nominee
  • Paris Peace Forum Participant
  • United Nations led Youth Against Slavery Movement: Board Member
  • The Moore Pediatric Surgical Center: Board Treasurer
  • The Everwell International Scholarship: Advisory Board Member
  • Free for Life International: Board Member
  • Free for Life International: International Programs Chair

Caylen Santos is also a member of the Freedom Collaborative Anti-Trafficking Coalition; the Youth Against Slavery Movement; The 2030 Collaborative; The International Public Relations Association and the Public Relations Society of America

Her previous roles include key positions of leadership and impact as the Senior Development Director for Ping Pong-A-Thon in Nashville, TN & Melbourne, AU and the International Project Administrator for World Help in Forest, VA where she managed over 60 global projects.

In Caylen Santos is a leader who has proven her worth in the non-profit sector, and who shares a deeply rooted connection with Variety’s driving mission. She brings a wealth of international business experience, passion to engage in new partnerships, and a fresh vision for impactful change to lead Variety into its next chapter of creating a legacy of hope in children’s lives across the globe.