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Stanley J. & Jody Reynolds

Legacy Awardees 2023

Stanley J. & Jody Reynolds

It’s hard to find anyone in Variety who didn’t know or didn’t know of, Stanley & Jody Reynolds – and their dedication and passion for not only Variety in Iowa, but Variety International as well. They were the heart and soul of Variety Iowa.  Their passion started many years ago when their third child, Brigid, died at an early age from complications developed at birth. Jody told Stanley, on the drive back from the funeral, “We are going to make her life count.” The two of them devoted themselves from that day forward to serving children across Iowa and the World. They were a powerful couple that were unstoppable when it came to Variety.

The loss of their daughter moved Stanley, Mike Reilly, Ray Johnson and Steve Blank to re-start the struggling Variety Tent in Iowa. Stan with the help of many others started the Variety Telethon that was aired on ABC from 1974 until 2020 when Covid hit. The telethons raised over $129 million for the children of Iowa.  Variety Iowa is now one of the biggest Variety chapters in the World because of Stan, Jody, their children and many volunteers that have given back to the kids of Iowa.  Stanley was President of Variety Iowa from 1975-1977. With the success of Variety Iowa, Stan went on to become Variety International President from 1989-1991. He served on the International Board with many of Hollywood’s elites including his close friends and mentors, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Monty Hall and Maureen Arthur.

Stanley won many awards and has had accolades bestowed on him by many charities, business organizations and as an avid golfer, won the Bob Hope Golf tournament in La Quinta, California in 2005.  Stanley’s dedication and passion for improving the lives of children in need is undeniable – serving as a tireless champion for children in need. Stan lived life to the fullest.

Jody lived to serve others.  After college, she joined the American Red Cross in Washington, DC, and worked in Vietnam and South Korea. Jody was among some of the first American women to serve in the Vietnam War – an experience that no doubt fueled her lifelong desire to do more for others.  Jody’s passion and drive led her to become the first female President of Variety in Iowa in 1988, and the first female President of Variety International from  2001-2003.  She was a powerful speaker who had a commanding presence. Jody was a fire cracker, a quick witted force, a free spirit and full of life.  She was a gift, a spirit of strength and an inspiration to others. She always said one of her proudest achievements was bringing the Gold Heart Pin campaign to the United States, which is considered the organization’s most iconic and successful fundraising initiative. Just as noteworthy, though, is the more than $117 million she has helped raise for charity over the years.  It’s those dollars and dedication that has given countless children and their families a better life.

Stanley and Jody Reynolds were soulmates, partners and friends. They embraced life’s journey together. Jody passed in 2019 and Stanley passed in 2022.  Their legacy lives on through Variety.

They were a power couple and together they were unstoppable when it came to Variety.