United Kingdom

Tushar Prabhu

European Region, President

After training in civil engineering and then urban planning, Tushar has pursued a career working at high levels in renowned private, public, and non-profit organizations across Europe, USA, and Asia.

Over the last 30 years, he has been closely involved in the design, development, structuring and procurement of both privately and publicly funded infrastructure and real estate projects. Latterly, he has served in various top management roles with responsibility for strategy and M&A for various firms across a range of sectors (construction, manufacturing, ICT).

He has also devoted significant time to the voluntary sector and currently leads the Board of Variety, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children, young people, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Tushar is a natural consensus builder, recognizing the importance of collaboration in today’s interconnected society. His open and friendly communication style, combined with lively imagination and an ability to conceive and test ideas, allows him to build strategies that are co-owned and get results.

His leadership style has also allowed him to co-found a global group to assist senior authority figures across the world in their struggle to deal with climate change.

As a person of colour, he is passionate about ensuring meaningful diversity in the workplace, beyond mere ‘optics. In general, he believes sustainable progress is only possible through coordinated incremental activity. Accordingly, Tushar will always look to build buy-in across multiple organizational levels and in so doing, co-create visions that are achievable and enduring.