Variety – the Children’s Charity is bringing the love to your screen this February with a global 5-day concert Twitch fundraiser!

Los Angeles CA – Variety –the Children’s Charity International, as part of an international campaign, is proud to announce they will be hosting their first-ever ‘ShowHeart’ Charity Concert Series in February 2022.

This five-day international event will begin on February 13 and wrap up on February 18. ShowHeart will be hosted on the global streaming platform Twitch and will feature unique around-the-clock entertainment. With over 50 musicians/bands performing 24 hours a day for the entire five days. Nancy Klueter, President of Variety International commented on the excitement.

“We are all so excited to be hosting our first-ever virtual concert series on Twitch,” Klueter reflected. “As we continue to navigate the pandemic world, events such as these that allow us to connect with communities across the globe are truly touching. Not only will we be educating about the purpose   of Variety – the Children’s Charity, but we have this tremendous opportunity to raise funds with the help of this virtual community.”

The concert series will open at 6am EST Toronto, New York, 11am GMT London UK and 10pm AEDT Sydney/Melbourne Australia on February 13th, headlined by the host Josh Taerk. The “stream-a-thon,” if you will, continues with non-stop entertainment until 2am EST Toronto, New York, 7am GMT London and 6pm AEDT Sydney/Melbourne on February 18th. To ensure continuous flow, each artist will raid the next performer’s channel throughout the five days and pass on their audience to the next person on the schedule.

“Twitch is all about nurturing a sense of community, and building upon it. No matter where you come from, nor what language you speak; you are supported and encouraged to be who you are. Variety – the Children’s Charity International (Variety International) is all about supporting children, and creating inclusive and accessible programming across the globe. Taking one of the most supportive international communities, and introducing them to an international charity that focuses on giving every child the opportunity to be their best selves; it was a no brainer for me.” Says Josh Taerk, ShowHeart host, and Twitch streamer.

Variety – the Children’s Charity has over 40 chapters across eleven countries. This event aims not only to educate communities across the globe but also to connect like-minded individuals. But it also provides a unique fundraising opportunity. As guests stream the event, they will have the opportunity to give donations by simply clicking the donation buttons that pop up on the screen.
“The Variety International Board of Directors is very excited that Variety Ontario, Canada, with assistance from Variety Victoria, Australia, has brought this unique and global opportunity to the Variety network of chapters around the world. It is through collaboration like this that Variety is able to help more and more children throughout the world.  We hope you will join in this exciting opportunity.” Nancy Klueter added

This series presents itself as the modern-day telethon opportunity. In 1981 Variety had over $1.2 million pledged throughout a telethon series. The goal is by using the Twitch platform and this unique idea; they can resurrect this extraordinary form of fundraising. Variety encourages music fans of any age to gather with their family and join the Twitch community for some entertainment and help raise the necessary funds needed for Variety programming.

Variety – the Children’s Charity International

Variety International works to help children around the world across a global network of 40 chapters in 11 countries. They work to fund and deliver life changing programs that give children around the world a better future. Through best practices and professional stewardship, we operate four core programs to deliver vital medical equipment and services to children who are sick, disadvantaged, or living with a disability. To learn more visit

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For more information about the ShowHeart Concert, Twitch, or how else you can get involved.

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