Variety Japan Santa Fun Run

In 2012, Variety Japan held the charity event ‘Santa Fun Run’ at Tokyo Bay Area on November 25th. We were very inspired by "Funderful" Santa Fun Run which is held by Variety in Australia every year. It was beautiful sunny day and 200 runners ran for the charity. The donation ¥400,000 from heartful runners was sent to the kids who are suffered from East Japan Earthquake and used for their essential needs.

In 2013, we held the seminar for disadvantaged kids on August 23rd. This event was held totally thanks to the corporation of YOKOHAMA RUBBER Co. and they kindly offered the place for the seminar. At the seminar, the kids had a good opportunity to meet ‘elders and betters’ who are also disadvantaged themselves. The kids got advice from the elders and the elders lectured the tips and manners to the kids for the time they start working and advance into society.

This year, 2014 is very meaningful year for us to celebrate 10th anniversary since the accession to the Variety International as Tent 83. We feel very honored to be the member of Variety and help for the kids in need all over the world. We’ve been kindly supported by many sponcors and volunteers for 10 years. We again promise that we will never stop acting for kids in need in Japan and never give up to discover possibilities of the kids.

Variety of Western Australia

Addison is a beautiful six year old girl, who is currently attending Pre-Primary. She loves the company of others, going for long walks, going to the park, playing with her two sisters and watching her favourite television shows.

Addison was diagnosed with severe form rapid progression Retts Syndrome just after her 2nd birthday. “One of the most devastating things is that her mind is absolutely perfect and she’s trapped in a body that doesn’t do what she wants it to do” Narelle Read (Addison’s mother).

Variety granted Addison an iPad with Switch software, which she uses at home, school, in therapy and the community. Addison loves communicating with her sisters and friends at school “her face just lights up when she is telling news to all her friends and it’s really a way of other children in her class realising she is just like them” Narelle Read.


Addison and her family also attended the Variety Motor Mouth Camp in 2015 – a four-day camp that combines fun, intensive therapy and training for children, parents, siblings and carers. The program opened up a whole new world of communication for Addison and her family. The Read’s are now part of the wider Variety Motor Mouth family. They attend events throughout the year, which have not only provided continued therapy but have enabled the Reads’ to connect with other families facing similar challenges. In 2017 Addison’s mother, Narelle has elected to join the Variety Motor Mouth Committee.

In 2016, Variety granted the Read’s car modifications so Addison could be safely transported with her family. Now Addison is appropriately positioned in the car and can sit next to both her sisters! The car modification reduces the risk of scoliosis and further respiratory complications and allows her to attend social events and access medical appointments with relative ease. “We went of a family trip and took our van for the first time and it just make such a big difference. We were all in the car together and Addison just adores being in the back having fun with her sisters, just like an other 6 year old” Narelle Read.

“Variety has enabled our daughter to participate and do things that any other six year old girl wants to do, despite being trapped in a body that fails her, and that is the greatest gift of all” Narelle Read.

30th Anniversary Party

The past 12 months has seen Variety – the Children’s Charity Tent 77 achieved some fantastic fundraising results. We thank all of our passionate fundraisers for their unwavering dedication to our cause, helping children in need live life to their fullest potential.

When we change one child’s life, we change that of their family, their friends and their community.


Our biggest achievement in 2016 however, didn’t involve just one child, but over 150,000 children in need – the 30th anniversary of the Variety Children’s Christmas Party.

The Variety Children’s Christmas Party isn’t just a celebration with rides, activities, entertainment and presents, it is much more. It’s a tangible break from judgement, exclusion and anxiety in the lives of these children and their families.


Since its inception, the party has offered children a gift like no other: the opportunity to experience unconditional acceptance in a safe, friendly and understanding environment whilst enjoying the magic of Christmas with their families. A Christmas celebration many would otherwise not experience.


There is no cost to any of the families or school groups that attend the party – food is catered for, and even Santa manages to take time out of his busy schedule to pay the children a visit.

The party had humble beginnings as a small event where children were given wooden toys, handmade by Board Members but – testament to the passion and determination of our fundraisers – the Variety Children’s Christmas Party has grown into a seminal event on the Melbourne calendar, welcoming 5,000 children each year. We look forward to celebrating for many years to come.

Variety of Tasmania

James, aged 10 and Brittney, aged 14 are remarkable siblings. Both are diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and use powered wheelchairs independently for mobility.

As keen Boccia players, James and Brittney were selected to represent Tasmania in the 2016 National Boccia Titles held in Sydney. Through the Variety Tasmania Scholarship Program, a contribution was made to the costs of travelling to Sydney and participation in this prestigious event.


Brittney described attending the Boccia championships as one of the best experiences of her life; it enabled her to compete in a sport where she is not “cheating” because the rules of the sport have not been “bent or modified” to accommodate players in wheelchairs.


James was incredibly excited to be able to take part, as this gave him the perfect opportunity to meet other people from around Australia and make lasting friendships through a common love of sport.

Such was the success of participating in the 2016 National Boccia Titles for this dynamic duo, both James and Brittney added even more medals to their ever-growing collection, each winning gold in their respective pairs’ competitions.

Watch out Tokyo Paralympics in 2020!

Variety of South Australia

Cameron is a happy and affectionate two-year-old boy with an endearing nature who lives with autism, speech impairment and global developmental delays. He enjoys playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine, lining up his alphabet blocks in order, counting and is always singing his favourite songs, despite being unable to communicate his needs verbally.


Cameron shares a very close bond with his twin brother, Aydan, who has a very outgoing and energetic personality yet also lives with developmental delays and a congenital defect. The boys’ older siblings, Jessica and Jordan, have had to change their lifestyles to accommodate their younger brothers’ health needs and spend a great deal of their own personal time assisting with and supporting their brothers.

The family’s lifeline was a small unreliable 2-door coupe, which ensured the family could get to their many medical and specialist appointments every week. Just after Christmas, they lost their car in a flood along with 75% of their home contents. Not only did it limit their ability to attend their appointments and undertake daily tasks, they lost their freedom from the isolation that “living with a disability” can bring.


Variety helped with a safe, reliable vehicle, which enables the whole family to travel together – something they couldn’t do before – and means that Cameron can grow up with the full benefits of his early intervention programs.

“Losing our car impacted our family greatly,” said mum, Natalie. “Variety has not just made a difference, Variety has changed our lives and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

Variety of New Zealand

Precious, 8 years old, had terrible eczema that made her itchy and damaged her skin. It was easily treatable, but her mum, Sueanna couldn’t afford the ointments to make it better. The doctors also recommended cotton clothing, but it was just too expensive and Precious was often in pain.

She’s just one of 295,000 kids living in deprivation in New Zealand. Mum Sueanna volunteers at the local homework club and helps at her daughter’s school, making free breakfasts for kids who don’t have food at home to eat.

Precious was matched with a Variety Kiwi Kid Sponsor last year and things have changed for the better.

“Now I can get Precious her prescription and we’ve noticed a huge difference in her skin,” said Sueanna. “Thankfully I got her cotton t-shirts and pants too! It’s wonderful to know my girl isn’t in pain anymore.”


Thanks to her sponsor, Precious has also been able to join in on school trips with her classmates and isn’t being left behind.

“The new school year is very expensive for us, especially as it comes straight after the Christmas holidays. Thanks to Kiwi Kid Sponsorship I’ve been able to get her stationery and a uniform, and have even paid for her school camp,” says a smiling Sueanna.

Precious loves learning and going to school each day. Now she’s going with the gear she needs, and without the distraction of sore, itchy skin. Sueanna couldn’t be happier: “To some people these are little things. To us these are very big things.”

Variety Kiwi Kid Sponsorship connects a child in need with a sponsor who pays $45 per month to fund basic essentials like clothing, bedding, school equipment and medical costs.