Western Australia

Atwell Toy Library

The kids have been having a blast exploring their new toys and sensory equipment at The Atwell Toy Library! The most popular items so far have been the crash mat, the soft play octagon, the bolster and barrel set, the body socks, and the lycra tunnel.

The Atwell Toy Library received a Variety Community Grant earlier this year to fund a range of new sensory equipment designed to support the development of kids aged 0 – 7 years and their imagination.

“A family with a child with Autism was able to borrow a body sock and the lycra tunnel to see if it helped their child with regulating his sensory system. This trial was a success, so then the family purchased their items. By being able to borrow and trial things first, this helped the family to know if would be a good use of their child’s funding to then purchase the items themselves” – said Jessica (Atwell Toy Library Treasurer).