Detroit, MI

On the Move with Briella

Variety Detroit met Briella in early 2018 when her parents applied for an adaptive bike for Briella. Briella was born six weeks premature, weighing only 3 lbs. 11 oz. At three years old, Briella was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy (CP) which effects all four limbs, making it difficult for her to walk, sit and move. Briella is a spunky, happy girl and has an infectious smile.

Briella’s mobility and well-being has been the family’s priority since birth.

Variety Detroit is proud to support Briella in her journey in several ways. Her adaptive bike enables Briella the freedom and inclusion to ride with her family. Briella is also a participant in the Variety 4-H Horseback Riding Program. This program is both therapeutic and recreational. Under the guidance of trained instructors and volunteers, Briella enjoys horseback riding at the Bloomfield Open Hunt Club weekly through equestrian therapy strengthening both Briella’s motor and sensory sensations. Briella has also been a model at the Variety SHINE Fashion Show. In early spring, children are paired with a mentor and walk the “red-carpet” modeling outfits selected especially for them. Briella’s smile and strut brings smiles to everyone in the audience.

Briella just celebrated her 7th Birthday! To quote her mom, Briella is a “sweet, sassy, brave and hard-working girl”. Briella continues to work hard to reach her goals; we can’t wait to see where Briella goes next!