What is Variety Freedom Day?

Event: Variety – the Children’s Charity Freedom Day – One day when all Variety Tents in the North American Region give-away one or more Freedom devices.

Can be inclusive - invite families previously impacted by Variety to participate.

Overview: Variety Freedom Day is designed to

  • Increase awareness of Variety and the Variety Freedom Program.
  • Encourage new audiences to donate to the Program.
  • Position this Program as a key part of including children of all abilities in your community.

For this day, Tents are encouraged to increase activity and promotion of Variety Freedom before, during and after Freedom Day, with a range of tools and assets being supplied to assist.


  • Celebrate Variety’s Freedom Program, which delivers vital life-changing equipment and services for mobility, independence and social inclusion to individual children and children’s organizations.
  • Educate the community that through the Freedom Program, we change children’s lives by granting items and services that provide independence, mobility, inclusion and freedom.
  • Hold an annual event in the North American Region focused on the Variety Freedom Program where all tents participate to grow the Variety and the Freedom Program in awareness, funds raised and grants made.

When is Variety Freedom Day?

Date:  June 4 or June 5, 2019 – Tuesday or Wednesday

What Resources Are Available to Help Promote this Campaign?

From April – June 5th, Variety International & Tents in the North America region will promote Variety Freedom Day across all digital platforms. These assets are available to help you promote this campaign.

How Do We Measure Impact of this Program?

For questions, please contact Bill Senghera, naregionalchair@variety.org or Sharon Castillo, sharon.castillo@variety.org