Our Governance

At Variety, we firmly believe that if you are prepared to commit your valuable resources to assist disadvantaged children, then we owe it to you – whether you be a corporate, a foundation, a collective or an individual – to ensure that we operate within the highest standard of a not-for-profit governance regime.

Variety’s Governance Regime

At Variety, we strive to achieve:

I. A strong, solid foundation for management and oversight of Variety

– a clear statement of the respective roles and responsibilities of the board and management, together with their performance monitoring and evaluation.

II. A Board that is structured to add value, set a strategic direction and drive accountability

– of appropriate size, composition, skills and commitment to enable it to discharge its duties effectively.

III. A strong ethical and responsibility regime

– built around a commitment to promoting the highest standard of professional ethics and values.

IV. Safeguarding the integrity of our reporting

– having in place formal and rigorous processes that independently verify and safe guard the integrity and validity of our reporting.

V. Appropriately managing our risks

– ensuring a sound risk management framework and periodically reviewing the effectiveness of that framework.

VI. Continuous improvement

– we commit to continuous improvement in all aspects of our planning and operations to ensure that we can deliver the most efficient and effective support to the kids with maximum impact.

VII. A strong , close partnership relationship

– we aim to ensure that our relationship with you or your organisation is a true partnership – close, delivers maximum impact for the kids and is closely aligned with your objectives and goals.

Ownership of our Governance

Variety’s Governance regime is the accountability of the Variety International Board and the respective Tent Boards around the World. 

Variety’s Governance Policies

Variety’s suite of governance policies includes:

Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest Policy, Delegation of Authority, Joint Ventures Policy, Records Retention Policy, Whistle Blower Policy, and a Social Media Protocol.